About Me

They Say
A Picture Says A
Thousand Words...
I Say Maybe Even
That Is Why
I Strive To Bring
Out The Artist
That Lies Buried
Deep Within Me...

©2009 Susan Reynolds

I have had a passion for photography all my life it seems. I remember spending hours poring over the huge collection of National Geographic that my dad had. I think that is how I was drawn into the world of photography.
I began as a teen, taking photos myself with a little 110 film camera, but I became even more interested in photography after my two precious children were born.
My family is my first love & I treasure every picture of them…We recently lost our son William (he had just turned 19 years old) in a very tragic car accident.
He was lost for four days while we frantically searched for him with hundreds of family, friends, & help from the police department, police detectives & CHP helicopters, before CalTrans workers found his car submerged under water after finding pieces of it strewn along an embankment way down behind the guard rail (one of the detectives working the case had given the Cal Trans highway workers one of the Missing Fliers which had two pictures of Will & one of the blue Camaro-that is how they knew to look farther down the gully for a car after they found blue pieces & a blue door down below a big oak tree that his car hit before it rolled down the ravine & became submerged in water from a tributary of the Bear River).
Our son had just started his first semester of college that fall & also worked a full time job...but his job was up in the foothills off of Highway 49 & was a long way from home. That morning he had fallen asleep while driving to work very early on that stormy December morning, Friday, the 2nd…Oh, it just makes me weep every day when I think of losing my precious son. The pain never goes away.
It has been awful for my husband, my daughter & me. There are days it seems it is too hard to even breathe, but with God’s help we are making it through each day, sometimes just a minute at a time.
I always knew how important pictures of family were…but I never knew how precious & priceless they are until I lost my only beloved son in such a horrific accident. Dear God how we miss him…It's hard to believe it's been six & a half years since we lost him...It seems like just yesterday since we last saw his beautiful, radiant smile & hugged & kissed him good-bye...our lives will never, ever be the same again...
In photography, my special interests are people & nature...well just about anything. I love to work with people in nature on location...especially on the coast. I really enjoy working with low light photography.
I came up with the name Simply Divine Photography because I try to take photos of the Simply Divine creations of our Almighty God. Anything that I capture in a photo of God’s Divine creation is to bring glory & honor to Him, because He is the One who created both the people & the scenes of nature that I present in a photograph or portrait.
Some day I want to be able to travel the United States (and perhaps if I'm blessed) I can travel with my husband to other countries & take photos all over the world...
Maybe Someday...