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Hello to All!
Please leave a note and tell me your thoughts.
I appreciate critiques as they can help me do better on my next try.
Thank you for visiting my web-site. Please refer my website to a friend!
Susan Reynolds

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Question   Thanks
Thank You for the compliment on my sunset shot. After seeing your awesome gallery it means that much more! You are truly a gifted photographer. I appreciate the encouragement more than you know.

- Rod Partington July 22, 2010

  Answer Thank you for yor kind words. I truly understand and appreciate the need for encouragement during a time of my own personal self-doubt!

- Susan M. Reynolds  July 22, 2010

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Question   how beatuiful the photo are and the person taking
what a special person you are susan it really takes a special person to take beatuiful photos and thats you keep the good work up sister.

- ramona chizek February 13, 2010

  Answer Thank you so much for your kind words ~
God bless you!


-  February 13, 2010

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Question   Beautiful

These are such beautiful pictures!!!

Love you,

- Casey Nunley February 05, 2010

  Answer Thank you for taking the time to browse through my website.
I miss you so very much!
I think I will be going to the bay area next month...Point Reyes perhaps?
Maybe we can meet up...
Hugs to you and your kiddies,
Love you too,

-  February 13, 2010

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Question   Just wanted to drop in
Hi my name is Emily I am also a photographer I seen your website on betterphoto and was looking at your pictures they are wonderful. I just started doing this as a part time thing and am learning everyday. I was reading your about me section and it touched me I know what your daughter is going thru. At the age of 6 I lost my 8 year old brother in a tragic accident and at the age of 12 I lost my 17 year old brother in a car accident then to top all that off my only remaining sister was in a tragic car accident when she was 17 I was 19 she did servive but is now a paraplegic and has been for 15 years. I thank god everyday that he saved her I don't know if I could have handle losing her as well. Tell your daughter it does get easier but they are always in your heart I think about them on there birthdays and everytime something happens in my life I think about them and wish they were there. If she ever needs someone to talk to I am here fi nothing else just to listen and understand what she is going thru. May god bless you.

- Emily M. Rosson May 20, 2009

  Answer Dear Emily,
Oh how awful to have gone through so much in your life. I will surely keep you and your sister in my prayers...
May God give you a peace that passes all of our human understanding and hold you and your sister close to his heart!
Thank you, too, for your kind words.
God Bless you,

-  May 20, 2009

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Question   beautiful
You take beautiful pics. I enjoy comin on here to look. And the beauty you capture in nature pictures is so awesome that I am awe struck. You truly have a talent worth being noticed and commended.

- Jennifer Whorley May 02, 2009

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Question   enjoyed !
Great colors &
Nice subjects, enjoyed your site
Thanks.... - hickspics.net

- james hicks October 26, 2008

  Answer Thank you for your nice comments!
Susan Reynolds

-  October 29, 2008

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Question   Will and the Guys
Is that my son Ty in the picture? When was it taken. It is great, as all the ones on this site. My heart goes out to you, as Ty passed away January 14th 2005. God has them in his hands, along with Mike English. Good job, keep it up. God Bless.

- Ginger Scott April 10, 2008

  Answer Hi Ginger,
This photo was taken in 2004 at William Land Park in Sacramento, CA. The guys in this photo are my son, William Reynolds, his cousin Clayton Wyatt, his brother-in-law, Josh Scarbrough, and Josh's cousin, Richie Jones. I do remember Ty...from years ago at Roseville Christian Fellowship - He dated my youngest sister for a little while - I am Sherry Wyatt's sister...My heart and prayers are with your family in your loss. May God fill your heart with His peace and comfort.
Susan...Will's Mum
p.s. I am so sorry it has taken such a long while for me to respond to your sweet comment. I have not been on my website for many long months due to ongoing health issues. I am having to re-learn how to even use my camera and equipment all over again because of medical treatment that has caused me to lose a lot of memory...(very frustrating) I am just now getting back into my photography and praying that God will help me re-learn everything that I knew before!
Once again, thank you for your kind words and I am keeping your family in my prayers...I know how hard the loss of a son is....

- Susan M. Reynolds  September 04, 2008

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Question   The Wonderful Pictures
These fantastic photos need to be out there where the world can see them!! How about some calendars, greeting cards and post cards - or even National Geographic!! You have a natural talent and the love you have for photography shows!!
Love you so much ~
Your Sis Sherry

-  June 25, 2007

  Answer Hey...now that is support!!! Especially about the National Geographic part!!! That was sweet!

I definitely need help before I get to that level though....but thank you so much for the kind words...you made my heart smile after a very hard few weeks!
I love you sis o' mine and can't wait to see you again!

-  June 25, 2007

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Question   Your pictures are like none other...
Hey Aunt Susan,
You take the most beautiful pictures, I hope to someday be as good as you are in photography!! Thank you so much for all of the pictures you have taken of me, now I just need to lose the fake smile! LOL....I love you so much and I am so glad that I have gotten to stay at your house for a while (I'm actually writing this on your computer). :-) XOXOXO
Love, (I know you can't help it)
Stacie Lynne Abigayle

-  April 25, 2007

  Answer Awww Stace!!!
You made my heart smile when I read this today! :)
I am glad, glad, glad you are able to stay with me for a few days while you are out here! Don't worry we will work on the smile until your face hurts!!! JK!!! ROFL!!!
I want to teach you everything I know...which isn't much LOL... and then you can learn a whole lot more!!!
Then you can take off and soar through the skies!
Love you forever and ever! (Couldn't help loving you if I tried...pig pig grows up took care of that!!!) lol
Aunt Susan xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

- Susan M. Reynolds  April 25, 2007

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Question   beautiful blessings from God
Susan, I spent some time tonight praying for you, me our girls and all of the families that we have spent time getting to know. It is so hard to believe that our children are gone... never to be with us again. It's almost unbearable pain to even say that. But by God's wonderful grace you have some beautiful photos of your beautiful boy and your family. What a treasure. You are a very talented woman. God has a plan for your life. I love you and I really am honored and blessed to call you friend.

-  April 15, 2007

  Answer Hi Denise,
Thank you for your kind and inspiring words...I spent a hard afternoon at the cemetery today bearing some of that "unbearable pain" you speak of...Yes it is hard to believe our boys are gone...just so unreal...and hard to wrap our hearts and mind around the truth and reality of it all...
I want you to know that I value you friendship so much and thank God every day that you reached out to me in the worst time of my life...reaching beyond your own pain to minister support to another mother...another family that was suffering the same loss and grief...I am forever thankful to God for you, my Angel~Friend...I love you bunches...
Love, Susan Forever proud to be Will's Mum...Missing our boys until we see them again in heaven and how I long for that day...

- Susan M. Reynolds  April 15, 2007

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Question   WOW!
Hey Sis. Reynolds...im jessicas older sister...Crystallynn.. Just wanted to say I LOOOOVE your photos you are so talented! Keep it up! Do you take orders? I want some pics taken, since I have lost alot of weight I need some new pics and nobody here are as good as you are...I would greatly appreciate it! I have also read about your son..it touched me. I pray for you and your family to have strength daily to carry on. Love yas! Hope to meet you soon..

-  March 29, 2007

  Answer Hi Crystallynn,
I would be honored to take do portraits for you!
I covet your prayers for our family as the loss of our beloved son is the hardest thing we have ever had to deal with. Please keep his sister Charlotte in your prayers as well.
If you will just sign up to receive email updates, I will be able to contact you regarding a photo shoot.
Susan Reynolds

- Susan M. Reynolds  March 29, 2007

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Question   Just a little something form my heart
Sis. Reynolds, first of all I just wanted to say that I think your photography is wonderful. You are a very talented person. Second, while I was readig your about me, I couldn't help the tears. Wll, your son, was my age, and that hit me close to home. I just wanted to lert you and your family know that I will pray for strength in your home. You were recently at my church for the PAVE concert, and I am the young lady who asked you for this website. I jut wanted to tell you to keep up the good work and God bless you and your family.

-  March 28, 2007

  Answer Hi Jessica,
Thank you for your words of support and kindness...we miss our William with all of our hearts. He would have loved your concert!
He was very talented on the drums and the bass. His first drum set was Shane Champlain's old one! William was supposed to sing at his sister, Charlotte's wedding...but...he didn't live long enough...
Whatever you do, hon, do it with all your might for the Lord! Love your family and spend as much time and make as many memories with them as you can...because you never know when it will be the last one you have with them....I remember who you are...hold tight to Jesus, never let Him go!
I will be posting some of the photos from the Pave concert on the my website as soon as I get them edited...
Thank you for visiting my website! If you leave your email address on the website I will let you know when the Pave photos are posted!

Susan Reynolds ~ Forever Loving and missing William until we get to Heaven where I will miss Him no more! Oh, I cannot wait!!!

- Susan M. Reynolds  March 28, 2007

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Question   wonderful job!!!!
Hey, your photography is very very nice. You have a lot of talent. I really love it. And the pictures in the church book were very good. Love Barbara Picking

-  March 23, 2007

  Answer Hi Barbara,
I am glad I got to talk to you today! And...thank you for your nice compliments! I am working hard at my photography classes to become better at what I do to honor William's Memory and Charlotte and Matt for their many years of posing for me...and to bring honor to God who created the beautiful people and His creation that I photograph!
Love and miss you. Hope to see you soon!

- Susan M. Reynolds  March 24, 2007

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Question   Great Job
Susan, I finally got to spend some time looking at your beautiful photography. WOW what a gift God has given to you. I love you and am honored to call you friend. Keep up the good work, you are well on your way to a very successful journey.

Love to you my dear, dear friend.... Denise

-  March 17, 2007

  Answer Thank you for your beautiful words of inspiration....I need them right now. I cannot wait to add us to the "True Friends Gallery!"
It was good to see you today! Will send the photos to you as soon as I get back home!
Love you bunches!

- Susan M. Reynolds  March 17, 2007

  Answer You rlelay saved my skin with this information. Thanks!

- Celina Celina  September 28, 2011

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Question   comment
checking out your website, very nice. you have an eye for it, and that is what any good photographer needs. it is not the high tech equipment that makes someone good, it is all in the photographer's ability to "see" that perfect shot.
god bless you

- Cheryl Kennedy Hines March 13, 2007

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Question   your awesome mom!!!
hey mum I really like everything on your website! it shows how wonderfully talented you are! I love you love char

- Charlotte Scarbrough March 08, 2007

  Answer You make my heart sing! You are the best daughter in the whole world and I love to take portraits of you...YOU make me look like a pro!!!
You are so beautiful!
Love forever...your MUM!

- Susan M. Reynolds  March 08, 2007

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Question   Very nice!!
Oh I love it!!! so nice! I cant wait to get started I'm excited!!! You are absolutely wounderful!!

-  March 04, 2007

  Answer Hi Kendra,

Your words are too kind, but they make me glad to know you trust me to do your Senior Portraits!
I cannot wait to do them either!
Photography, writing and music are what I love to do!
See you in April if not before then! Between now and then I will be studying hard!
Hopefully I will be adding a lot of new photos very soon! I plan on adding a Friends Gallery, among a few others!

-  March 05, 2007

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Question   your website is very classie
Hello Susan, This is a beautiful website .You have done a great job. The one thing I know for sure is this is all from your heart. Your photo's are very pretty Susan.

-  March 04, 2007

  Answer Awwww....you made my heart smile! I am still working on it and perfecting all the little gliches. Eventually I will have a 5 slide looped slide show on my home page!
I am very scared yet excited about what God is leading me to....Love you so much and cannot wait to see you again! forever your Friend of the Heart, Susan

-  March 04, 2007

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