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from  Just a little something form my heart

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from Susan M. Reynolds
on March 28, 2007
 Hi Jessica,
Thank you for your words of support and kindness...we miss our William with all of our hearts. He would have loved your concert!
He was very talented on the drums and the bass. His first drum set was Shane Champlain's old one! William was supposed to sing at his sister, Charlotte's wedding...but...he didn't live long enough...
Whatever you do, hon, do it with all your might for the Lord! Love your family and spend as much time and make as many memories with them as you can...because you never know when it will be the last one you have with them....I remember who you are...hold tight to Jesus, never let Him go!
I will be posting some of the photos from the Pave concert on the my website as soon as I get them edited...
Thank you for visiting my website! If you leave your email address on the website I will let you know when the Pave photos are posted!

Susan Reynolds ~ Forever Loving and missing William until we get to Heaven where I will miss Him no more! Oh, I cannot wait!!! 

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