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from  beautiful blessings from God

Susan, I spent some time tonight praying for you, me our girls and all of the families that we have spent time getting to know. It is so hard to believe that our children are gone... never to be with us again. It's almost unbearable pain to even say that. But by God's wonderful grace you have some beautiful photos of your beautiful boy and your family. What a treasure. You are a very talented woman. God has a plan for your life. I love you and I really am honored and blessed to call you friend. Previous Response:
from Susan M. Reynolds
on April 15, 2007
 Hi Denise,
Thank you for your kind and inspiring words...I spent a hard afternoon at the cemetery today bearing some of that "unbearable pain" you speak of...Yes it is hard to believe our boys are gone...just so unreal...and hard to wrap our hearts and mind around the truth and reality of it all...
I want you to know that I value you friendship so much and thank God every day that you reached out to me in the worst time of my life...reaching beyond your own pain to minister support to another mother...another family that was suffering the same loss and grief...I am forever thankful to God for you, my Angel~Friend...I love you bunches...
Love, Susan Forever proud to be Will's Mum...Missing our boys until we see them again in heaven and how I long for that day... 

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