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from Emily M. Rosson Just wanted to drop in

Hi my name is Emily I am also a photographer I seen your website on betterphoto and was looking at your pictures they are wonderful. I just started doing this as a part time thing and am learning everyday. I was reading your about me section and it touched me I know what your daughter is going thru. At the age of 6 I lost my 8 year old brother in a tragic accident and at the age of 12 I lost my 17 year old brother in a car accident then to top all that off my only remaining sister was in a tragic car accident when she was 17 I was 19 she did servive but is now a paraplegic and has been for 15 years. I thank god everyday that he saved her I don't know if I could have handle losing her as well. Tell your daughter it does get easier but they are always in your heart I think about them on there birthdays and everytime something happens in my life I think about them and wish they were there. If she ever needs someone to talk to I am here fi nothing else just to listen and understand what she is going thru. May god bless you. Previous Response:
on May 20, 2009
 Dear Emily,
Oh how awful to have gone through so much in your life. I will surely keep you and your sister in my prayers...
May God give you a peace that passes all of our human understanding and hold you and your sister close to his heart!
Thank you, too, for your kind words.
God Bless you,

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